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Opere d’arte italiane – Quadri di paesaggi toscani – BV Art Gallery – Galleria d’Arte Siena

The BV ART GALLERY project

was born in Siena from a decennary experience in art to promote the work of painters and their interpretation of Tuscan landscape.Explore BV Art Gallery and discover gorgeous Italian artwork like painting oil on canvas. The gallery is placed in one of the main streets of the historical centre – via di Città – between Piazza del Campo and the Duomo, the museums of Santa Maria della Scala, Opa and the Pinacoteca Nazionale.

Siena, the city of the Palio and of the Contrade

is set in a still uncontaminated reality. Cultivations of grapevine and olive trees divided by rows of cypress and farmhouses give to the visitor a sense of balance and elegant beauty. Southwards to the city, in the area of Crete and Val d’Orcia, the color scale goes from the grey in winter times to the emerald green in spring to the golden yellow in summer. All these shades give the painters the possibility to dedicate completely to a relaxing and touching painting, completely able to tell about the feelings experienced while walking in these zones.
This is the area of Montalcino and Montepulciano, home of prestigious wines like Brunello and Nobile. Along the way between Siena and Florence is the famous Chianti, a land well-known for the production of wine and for some of the most famous medieval towns of the world, like San Gimignano and Monteriggioni.


Love for the land, for food and for art

added to a slow lifestyle make of Tuscany a magic place. Patiently molded by the man throughout the years, this suggestive landscape is one of the most harmonic in the world. The landscape gives the possibility to enjoy the harmony that joins the man to the nature: poppies and sunflowers coloring the countryside in spring and summer, then country houses, medieval and renaissance villages; everything allows to jump in a remote past that here still survives.


Color becomes the only way for the person to get in contact with reality

which, in the Tuscany case, is made of an extraordinary variety of glimpses: from the velvety hills of Val d’Orcia to Chianti’s vineyards and to the Etruscan coast. With the variety of its colors that change season by season this region gives the chance to enjoy wonderful views and to lull in romantic and evocative thoughts. Because of its beauty and its lines, Tuscany is the destination of many Italians and foreign tourists that find in its countryside so much beauty, elegance and uniqueness.


In this region art history

is strictly connected to the landscape, a cultural tradition that was born in medieval time, that develops throughout the centuries and finds its greatest expression in Humanism and Renaissance. In the XIX century Macchiaioli propose a new style of painting based on the reproduction of reality through “the stain” (in Italian, “la macchia”) stating that shape doesn’t exist and that light gets back to our eyes as color once it hits the objects.